Service Overview

Journey 360 Degrees provides a full range of retreats & travel destinations for personal exploration. Our trips include:
  • All Inclusive Trips
  • 1, 3, 4, and 7 Day Immersions
  • Community Service Projects
  • Customized Curriculum to the Destination
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal & Business Strategic Visioning
  • Adventure Travel
  • Cultural Travel
  • Mentorship
  • Interactive Community

Snowbird Utah

Snowbird UtahOur five day Snowbird Excursion Journey is designed to give a brief overview into the territories of enduring leadership. Journey 360 Degrees takes you on an experience amid the splendor of Snowbird, Utah, an ideal setting for outdoor adventure, interactive learning, and inspired reflection that will soon not be forgotten.

Our program takes participants on a journey of self examination and understanding, while understanding the underlying truths, practices, and timeless principles that all great leaders possess.

From the top of resort at 11,000-foot Hidden Peak you will celebrate the cultural diversity that is Snowbird, a vibrant mountain lodge rich in natural stone formations, beautiful plush landscape and incredible wildlife. Participants will travel to inspiring virtual destinations and explore the lessons of enduring leadership mining the landscape of their hearts and minds.

During our immersion we will virtually visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt, delve into the Grand Canyon, explore the quiet tranquility of Amazon Rain Forest, and the excitement of Mount Everest. We will also explore the power of a Labyrinth and its purposeful meaning to breaking free and challenging yourself to new growths. You will see that these places in a truly new and unique way and experience a lifetime and the lessons shared that will make an indelible impression on your soul.

Our package includes some of the following:
Air Fare from your Destination
Lodging, Tax and Service Charges
All Meals
Curriculum Programming Materials Including:
      Behavior Social Styles
      Orchestrating Team Performance
      RISC Feedback Model
      Diversity Immersion
      Labyrinth Walk
      Life Quest Planning
      Gaining Social Endorsement
      Communication Model
      Art of Mentorship
All Expedition Experiences
      Aerial Tram ride to Hidden Peak
      Cottonwood Canyon Labyrinth Reflection
      Horseback riding through the Back Bowls of Snowbird
      Ropes Course
      Mountain hike to the summit
Remembrance Mementos
Two year ongoing mentor programs
Friends and Memories for a Lifetime