Service Overview

Journey 360 Degrees provides a full range of retreats & travel destinations for personal exploration. Our trips include:
  • All Inclusive Trips
  • 1, 3, 4, and 7 Day Immersions
  • Community Service Projects
  • Customized Curriculum to the Destination
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal & Business Strategic Visioning
  • Adventure Travel
  • Cultural Travel
  • Mentorship
  • Interactive Community

Travel Discoveries

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Company Information

Journey 360 Degrees is about traveling throughout the world and coming full circle in your own personal development and leadership journey through self-examination, personal challenge, and profound results learned on the road while traveling. Journey 360 Degrees will focus on developing, motivating, and empowering you to understand and challenge yourself and others, discover new potential for growth, and give back to the communities that help to change our lives. You will travel to inspiring destinations and explore the social, historical, and geographic contours of your travel destination while mining the landscape of your heart and mind.

You are immersed in the land you travel to, and then blend in the best leadership theory and principles around through experiential learning exercises such as hiking, river rafting, zip lines, ropes, community projects, and more. We then transition to active feedback that calls for action and acknowledgement, allowing each participant to reflect on the experience and journal their hopes, fears and a go forward strategy.

Our process starts with the exploration and understanding of yourself, what you value most in your life, and what impact you want to make on others. Then we build on collaborative relationships with others, in order to maximize their unique differences and embrace the wonders of diversity. Once you understand yourself and others, you begin to collaborate for the purpose of bringing about a call to action, developing a vision alignment, and setting the process for change to begin. These actions and team collaborations are always working for the betterment of our communities. Learning how to be a global citizen, and giving back to the lands that help to transform us is essential.

Our programs consist of one-day seminars to four, seven, and ten-day excursions. You can either meet up in a central city or meet at the destination so the bonding begins instantly and lifelong friendships begin to grow. Journey 360 Degrees has the unique ability to customize our curriculum to any destination anywhere in the world. We can quickly cater and adapt to any local a group desires to go to. Currently we are scheduled to travel to Costa Rica, Italy, and Snowbird Utah. Additional destinations being planned include; Greece, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Cambodia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and our very own Grand Canyon and Hawaii.

The week will be fluid with opportunities for group work, personal time to engage in relaxation, spa visits, adventure, sightseeing, and personal growth through our destination tailored, time-tested curriculum. While sharing the experience of traveling with friends, you will broaden your outlook on our global community. Everyone will experience a compelling personal journey of camaraderie, travel, and self-examination. The outcome is simple, we build a generation of enduring leaders that are compassionate and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to become a global citizen.

Our Values 
Journey 360 Degrees believes in a set of core values that governs our thinking, teaching, and decision making processes. We believe in Courage to live through your heart and stand up for what is right and just in the face of all odds. We believe in Compassion to constantly be seeking to understand and accept people from all walks of life for what they stand for and seeing the vastness of the situation. We believe in Adventure, to push beyond your boundaries, take purposeful risks, and have fun while challenging yourself. We believe in Wisdom because the search for knowledge and understanding is a continual journey of discovery and you must have the willingness to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the journey every step of the way. We believe in Perseverance because you must be committed to the process and never give up on your dreams and goals in life.

Our Commitment 
Journey 360 degrees will give you the opportunity to have the courage to believe in yourself, embrace diversity through an open heart, and become a global citizen. Our members contribute to others authentically, which produces inner strength, freedom, compassion and self-expression to become better leaders.

Journey 360 Degrees believes in an ongoing commitment to mentoring. Our members have access to a guide for a minimum of two years following their commencement from our program. Our mentors' will guide you, teach you, provide feedback, and help you in your quest for more understanding. Mentoring is usually a formal or informal relationship between two people and has been identified as an important influence in professional and personal development in both the public and private sector. Our interactive community also provides all members to share their experiences and provide feedback through our message board.

Biography - Christina McFaul 
Christina McFaul came to the realization at the age of 18, when she took her first journey abroad to study in Costa Rica that traveling was to be her life quest. Christina's next long-term educational jaunt was one that less than 1% of the world's population will ever do by sea! In 2006, Christina circumnavigated the globe in 100 days aboard The MV Explorer, a vessel operated by Semester at Sea, a floating university. The voyage around the world took her to 13 countries while she studied international business, culture, art history, economics, and people from all lifestyles. It was on this trip that she truly learned what it means to be a Global Citizen. Her travels now tally over 50 countries visited and explored.

Her inspiration for Journey 360 Degrees is born out of a simple philosophy that travel should be authentic and your growth should be unfiltered. That travel should take you to a place that can touch your heart, mind, and soul. Christina's genuineness and devotion to this project are based on her life's journey of difficulties, joys and sorrows, and the determination that she was put on this planet to help people reach their full potential and live a life nothing short of extraordinary. Christina's core values help you to understand who she is and the lives she wants to touch. Christina believes in Courage to live through your heart and stand up for what is right and just in the face of all odds. She believes in Compassion to constantly be seeking to understand and accept people from all lifestyles for what they are and seeing the vastness of the situation. She believes in Adventure, to push beyond your boundaries, take purposeful risks, and have fun while challenging yourself. She believes in Wisdom because the search for knowledge and understanding is a continual journey of discovery. Have a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the journey every step of the way. She believes in Perseverance because you must be committed to the process and never gives up on your dreams and goals in life.

Her legacy will be simple she helped others to explore their fears, challenge themselves to grow, inspired them with other cultures and lands, created a curriculum for enduring leadership to thrive, and established a network of mentors that continues to pay it forward. Her leadership belief of Loyalty dictates that no one will be left behind that is willing and eager to grow. To encourage and inspire people to take a stand for themselves and others even when no one else will. To be so secure and connected to your own soul that you walk through life with confidence, purpose and freedom to be who you are.

Biography - Michael Greenberg 
Michael has more than 25 years of experience directing as many as 225 employees in his company with revenues in excess of $125 million. Michael is a respected businessman and entrepreneur with eight successful business startups heading an impressive list of personal, civic, charitable, and professional accomplishments to his credit. As Principal Owner of I-3 Group, Inc., Michael has built one of the fastest growing distributors of contract office furniture in the world. Operating through seven subsidiary companies and seven mid-western locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Michigan, this organization has evolved from the attic of a modest home into a premier supplier to high profile Fortune 1000 companies with compounded annual sales growth exceeding thirty percent (30%). Michael has spent the past 20 years as Principal owner of Interior Investments, which was named in the 50 fastest growing companies in the Chicago Market, the Top 300 hundred privately held companies in Chicago, and recently was named in Inc Magazine's top 5000 privately held companies.

Michael has led these companies through creation, start-up, growth, establishment, and expansion. His understanding of what it takes to create and sustain an enduring and successful company is rare in today's world. Furthermore, he understands that true wealth and success come when you are able to give back to others what you have learned along the journey. Michael has mastered the art of enduring leadership and paying it forward.

Among his significant previous contributions in his community, Michael founded the "Dream and Believe Program" in 1998. He recognized a need in his community to support families that have suffered financial hardship because of medical emergencies. This worthy organization has adopted hundreds of families providing furniture, computer equipment, appliances, clothing and financial assistance over the years. Michael has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Illinois Special Olympics. Additionally, each year he chairs and hosts the Aeron Hockey Chair Tournament for the benefit of Illinois Special Olympics. He also works toward supporting Boys and Girls Club, and American Cancer Society through local chapters.

Michael began his pursuit of leadership development over 25 years ago. Working with undergraduates from all over the United States, he has conducted over 200 retreats across college campuses. Michael has remained grounded by helping others understand how they can grow, and transform into enduring leaders through his mentoring and superior leadership skills. His focus on helping students to become enduring leaders includes development of vision and purpose statements, understanding behavior social styles, creating high performance teams, learning how to collaborate with others effectively, creating strategic plans, implement strategic plans, and making a positive contribution to the community. One of Michael's philosophies is, "Dream about what you want to be or become, Dare to take purposeful risks and come out of your comfort zone, and then go ahead and Do it, not being afraid to fail and always looking to persevere," and that is exactly what he lives his life by.