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Journey 360 Degrees is about traveling throughout the world and coming full circle in your own personal development and leadership journey through self-examination, personal challenge, and profound results learned on the road while traveling. Journey 360 Degrees will focus on developing, motivating, and empowering you to understand and challenge yourself and others, discover new potential for growth, and give back to the communities that help to change our lives. You will travel to inspiring destinations and explore the social, historical, and geographic contours of your travel destination while mining the landscape of your heart and mind.

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Featured Destination - Costa Rica                      

Walk the trails of Monteverde Cloud Forest. Stand amazed at the foot of Arenal Volcano. Observe the flight patterns of multi-colored butterflies in Caribbean rainforests. Celebrate the biodiversity that is Costa Rica, a vibrant nation rich in natural wonders and exciting adventures.

Join Journey 360 Degrees as we take you on an experience of a lifetime to the land of Pura Vida, or "pure life." You will discover the social, historical, and geographic contours of Costa Rica and explore the landscape of your own heart and mind.

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