Service Overview

Journey 360 Degrees provides a full range of retreats & travel destinations for personal exploration. Our trips include:
  • All Inclusive Trips
  • 1, 3, 4, and 7 Day Immersions
  • Community Service Projects
  • Customized Curriculum to the Destination
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal & Business Strategic Visioning
  • Adventure Travel
  • Cultural Travel
  • Mentorship
  • Interactive Community

Rome Region

Costa RicaOur Rome Journey is designed to explore the territories of enduring leadership through a more reflective approach. This approach is based on the belief that all leaders must travel in order to grow to their full potential. Journey 360 Degrees Rome takes you on an experience that will not soon be forgotten to "The Land of The Seven Hills."

Our program takes participants on a journey of self- examination and understanding, while exploring the underlying truths, practices, and timeless principles that all great leaders possess. Our learning is a process, not an end result; a complete experience, not an event or speaker. We learn from one another and from the land we are immersed in.

Our journey begins in Rome The Eternal City. - A city overflowing with magnificent artistic masterpieces and rich in natural architectural wonders. During our immersion we will visit The Vatican, and there we will explore the power of a labyrinth and its purposeful meaning to breaking free and challenging yourself to new growths. We will experience The Coliseum, wonder at the quiet tranquility of The Roman Ruins, and immerse ourselves in the excitement of the many busy Piazzas. Then, aspiring to learn about working with others in a more collaborative and productive way, we will hike throughout Rome and apply some experiential exercises.

The journey will continue to the stunning landscapes that surround this vibrant city. From the eruptible Mount Vesuvius to the exquisite ruins of Pompeii, participants will discover the intricacies of these inspiring destinations and explore the social, historical, and geographic contours that make up this unique region. Journey 360 Degrees Rome allows participants to experience and celebrate the cultural wonderland that is Rome and it's surrounding "paese" or towns, all the while enabling them to mine the landscapes of their own hearts and minds.

You will see that Journey 360 Degrees Rome is truly an experience of a lifetime and the lessons shared will make an indelible impression in your soul.

Our package includes some of the following:
Air Fare from your Destination
Lodging, Tax and Service Charges
All Meals
Curriculum Programming Materials Including:
      Behavior Social Styles
      Orchestrating Team Performance
      RISC Feedback Model
      Diversity Immersion
      Labyrinth Walk
      Life Quest Planning
      Gaining Social Endorsement
      Communication Model
      Art of Mentorship
All Expedition Experiences
      Mount Vesuvius Trail Hike
      Saint Peters Labyrinth Reflection
      Amazing Race through the many Piazzas across Rome
      Ruin Exploration, including The Coliseum Bath of Caracalla , The Ruins
      Vatican Tour
      Pompeii Experience
Remembrance Mementos
Two year ongoing mentor programs
Friends and Memories for a Lifetime