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Strategic Planning & Mt. Kilimanjaro
Posted on Sunday, April 17th 2011 - 8:50 PM by Christina McFaul

As we chart our course and plan our training to climb Kilimanjaro, we will learn about the importance of setting a clear vision and objectives that lead us to our goal. Every enduring leader or organization creates a clear, unmistakable Vision of a destination or the things they want to accomplish - one worth living for, committing to, and working hard to achieve. Every leader and successful team works on a set of objectives that pave their way towards their vision.
Finally, every leader empowers the team to enable the creation of action plans that ensure that everyone is fully involved and that no critical steps on the journey are missed. Our trip to Kilimanjaro is designed to conquer new heights, achieve our dreams, and develop what high performance teams' look and act like. Building lasting friendships that celebrate the beauty of the destination and rejoice in the conquering of something that seemed so remote ~ is priceless.

Our virtual webinars will be designed to take place once a month, six months prior to our departure. The webinar will focus and be designed to share our fears, talk about our training regimes, and plan a strategy and vision of total success. We will set goals with action plans so no climber is left behind. In the movie White Squall one of Journey 360 Degree's favorite quotes of all time is spoken and seems appropriate as a mantra for us, "Where we go one, we go all." Our trip is a template for your future as well. It is about taking purposeful risks and having the courage to step outside your comfort zones.

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